How to install Widget and use it ?

Adding the zipBoard widget/ plugin to a page gives you the ability to take screenshots and review them directly from your web page. Using zipBoard's screenshot and annotation plugin users can directly add feedback from the link shared with them. 

The plugin can be used to gather feedback from internal collaborators as well as guest users. 

Installing the Widget

Installing the plugin is easy, with a simple script that can be embedded in the HTML of the website.

  1. Log into Zipboard account and Navigate to Files and URLs section of your project.

2. Select Web URL file and click on 3 dots on the file

3. Open the Widget dropdown to reveal your code snippet and copy the code to your clipboard

4. Paste the code at the bottom of the <body> tag on every page you want the widget to appear and you’re good to go!

Now when you view your web page, you should be able to see the widget in the upper right corner as seen below 

If you’re already authenticated on the app in the same browser, you will be automatically signed in to your account and can skip the login instructions

To sign in as guest user in the widget

1. Click on the widget, enter email id and name and click on submit in the tab prompted "Sign in as Guest".To sign in with zip board account in the widget

1. Click on sign in, prompt to the login page, enter your credentials and click on log in

To Capture screenshot and add Review

1.Once you login either with zip board account or as a guest user, In prompt tab select your current tab and click on share to capture your screenshot

2. You will now be redirected to the review board, where you can annotate your screenshot and comment or add a task

3. You can toggle back and forth between your web page and the review board using the browse/review options given in the widget 

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