What Can I do with Slack Integration?

Why you should integrate zipBoard with Slack:

In order to integrate Slack to your zipBoard project, follow this simple guide.

For the final step in that guide, you would have selected a channel to integrate the project to, as follows.

Here, we have authorized the zipBoard app to post to the #testingteam1 channel in Slack.

Now you can convert slack messages directly into tasks in zipBoard. Let's see how.

  1. First, you type in your message which you want to convert into a task. Next, you hover over the message and click on 'More actions'.

  1. In the dropdown menu, click on 'New task to ZipBoard'.

  1. This will create a new task in zipBoard and also display the following message upon completion. You can also add comments to this directly through Slack.

Along with adding tasks directly through Slack, you can view live updates on Slack whenever a new task is added to the Project Activity of zipBoard.

You will receive a message regarding the same on your Slack channel!

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