APIs for Custom Integration

You can integrate zipBoard with your existing custom software using our APIs, extension and widget to create a content review experience that is tailored for your use cases or integrated into your existing workflow.

For a comprehensive overview of our API and the various possibilities it opens up for you, check out our brand new API docs on https://docs.zipboard.co/.

Integration Example

While there are several approaches you may take, this article gives you a high-level overview of what you can build with our API integration. An interactive demo project can be viewed at https://weathered-darkness-2854.fly.dev/.

  1. The first step in this process is creating an API key. You can do this by following our getting started and API authentication guides
  2. Once you have your API key ready, you can now put these in a .env file to begin safely using it in your project. Please note that we do not reccomend exposing your API key in the browser through a client-side app. We reccomend that you interact with the zipBoard API exclusively through the server.
  3. You should now be able to interact with the API in your app. Perhaps you may start by fetching all the projects associated with your organization. An example request for this can be as simple as the following:

const projects = await fetch(



headers: {

"Content-Type": "application/json",

authorization: apiKey,

}, }


You can also create projects using the API if you do not have existing projects in your organization.

  1. Once you have fetched the data associated with your organization you should be able to leverage it in your backend or display it in your UI with custom styling.

  1. To upload a file to zipBoard using the API, you can leverage the files API. Note that we currently only support URLs and hosted PDF URL uploads through the API. For any other file types you will need to upload files through our UI.
  2. The zipBoard API also gives you programmatic access to view all your uploads irrespective of file type. You can find detailed documentation for this at https://docs.zipboard.co/#tag/Files/paths/~1api~1v1~1files/get

  1. You can now bring these pieces together to initiate a content review with zipBoard. To do this, you need to make a POST request to create a review link with your project ID and the ID of the file you’d like to review. You will receive a response with a link to review your file.
  2. Navigate to the link returned in the response and you should be able to see your file with all of zipboard review tools ready for you to use. You can review PDFs and ZIP files by default without any add-ons. In order to review other files types you will need to install zipBoard’s browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

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