How to assign phases to my content?

The latest September update for 2022 now provides our users with a Kanban view for their content This lets you visualize the development stage of your content better as it moves along the different phases. Let’s see how you can add your content to different phases!

Assign phases to each content

To create a more complete online proofing tool, we’ve provided the ability to seamlessly add phases to content. This can now be done while adding the content, through the content manager or the Kanban board.

Before adding phases to content, let’s see how you can create new phases in zipBoard. Here’s how you can add content phases:

To assign a phase to content, you can use the content manager. There you will find an option to assign phases to that content.

assign phases to content

You can also use the Kanban board to move the content across different phases. In the Kanban board, simply select the piece of content then drag and drop it to the phase of your choice.

You can also add content directly to each phase, in the Kanban board. You will see a “Add new File/URL” option at the bottom of each phase.

content cards in Kanban board

Another thing you will notice is that the phase columns can be moved around in the Kanban view. Like, “completion” before “development” etc. This will help you sort your content development phase as you see fit, helping you better visualize your internal team workflow. This will however not affect the content.

move phase columns in kanban board

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