How to file a Bug?

There are various options for adding a bug to your zipBoard project. 

Note: the tasks/ bugs can only be added by the internal team ( collaborators ) in a project and are not visible to the guest collaborators/ reviewers.

1. Adding a Bug from task manager

Follow these steps to create a bug in your zipBoard project from the task manager:

1. Log in to the zipBoard application.

2. Select the project for which the bug needs to be added.

3. Click on Project for which you want to add task.

3. Navigate to 'Tasks' tab from dashboard -- > 'Add task'

4. When you add a task, you can describe the task with the text and will be prompted for options related to priority, status, assignment, tags, etc. By default, every task is added as a bug, if you do not change the options. To understand all the available options in a specific task, read here.

From Review board

You can also create a task on a particular content during review.

Follow these steps to create a task in your zipBoard project on a specific file/ URL.

1. Log in to the zipBoard application.

2. Select the project for which the task needs to be added.

3. Click on the File and URLs tile from the project home dashboard or from the left menu bar.

4. Click on a File and URLs to select it.

5. Once you select the review option, the reviewboard is launched which lets you review your website/ file and also create a bug while viewing it. 

6. Take a screenshot of your view using the buttons on the top right corner ( will require installing the browser extension - for the first time). 

7. Once the screenshot is captured, you can add a task by clicking anywhere on the screenshot and also add annotations to your bug. 

8. This bug can now be assigned, you can add priority, set status, add specific tags etc. 

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